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We support aspiring farmers with a wish to be regenerative and existing farmers who want to transition their farm to regenerative.

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Regenerative Production Model Design

Our partner United Designers design a top-notch regenerative production system for new or existing farms. With this design farmers will make a positive impact on the local ecosystem and in their value-chain.

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Business & Finance

We provide farmers with business advice, co-write business proposals and support in establishing a healthy financing mix in order build or transition a regenerative farm.

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Expanding sales market

We build new sales relationships to expand theĀ  sales market of the farm. We create a network around the participating farm of like-minded people and organisations, who appreciate the power of regenerative agriculture

Partner up!

Are you an aspiring farmer or an existing farmer who would like to make a positive impact with your agri-business? Do you no longer want to do things less badly, but make a genuine positive contribution to the ecosystem on the farm, the larger biosphere and therefore to society? That is possible!

By introducing regenerative activities on your farm you are no longer only making use of what nature has to offer, but you also give back to nature. We are here to help you with this. Read more about our SERVICES and find out what impact we can create together!


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Do want to restore your farmland and transition to sustainable regenerative agriculture? Are you a brand looking to make an impact in your value chain? Are you ready for this revolution? Join us. We are a diverse team of experts and we are glad to be at your service. Feel free to send us an email.

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