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About us

Ginkyo is the original name of the Ginkgo Biloba tree, but this got lost in translation. The Ginkgo tree outlived the dinosaurs. It is ancient and strong. After the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, six Ginkgo trees were among the few living things to survive. Despite being completely burned and charred, the Ginkgo’s started blossoming again in the springtime of 1946. And the six trees are nowadays still alive and thriving.

Ginkgo trees represent the resilience of nature, which can overcome even the greatest destruction of man.

That’s why we are called Ginkyo.



We envision an Earth that is in balance. A society where there is room for compassion and a respectful approach to what the earth provides us with. Where we as humans live in harmony with nature.


We restore degrading landscapes, rebalance disrupted ecosystems, improve soil health, and inspire and support farmers, their communities and others in the landscape to live within the Earth’s boundaries and build sustainable livelihoods. We are on a mission to green the planet, improve biodiversity, and fight poverty and social inequality. Regeneration is the solution.

Our 3 E's

Ginkyo’s 3 E’s stand for: Ecology, Economy and Equity. We are working on a regenerative agricultural system that works not against but with nature, which holds the promise of economic resilience and in which social equity is paramount. The 3 E’s are inextricably linked.



Due to global climate change and conventional agricultural practices, natural ecosystems are being disrupted, nature is deteriorating and the rate of the loss of biodiversity is alarming. We therefore restore ecosystems, improve soil health and foster biodiversity.


Unsustainable land management is threatening the future of farmers. We promote economic resilience in farmer communities. We aim to improve farmers’ income position with sustainable regenerative agriculture business models and support them in their transition towards regenerative agriculture.


In many places there is great social inequality, where women have few rights and young people see no future as farmers, while they are crucial for the future of agriculture. We strive for social equity. Where there is equity, decisions are based on fairness, everyone gets opportunities and is treated with dignity, while, and this is crucial, taking individual differences into account.


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Kristel Bottinga

Ginkyo's Founder & Director

She is passionate about doing good for the Earth. Holds a MA. in Discourse & Argumentation and a MSC. in Political Science. She is an experienced spokesperson, project leader and coordinator. Kristel is our Strategist, Campaigner, Communicator and Networker.

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Robin Smit

Ginkyo's Chair

Robin is Council member Party for the Animals in The Hague. Holds a
 MSc International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law

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Annemarie van Bolhuis

Ginkyo's Secretary

Annemarie is an international consultant on Partnerships for humanitarian response and international development. Was a Director General and Partnerships Lead at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands. She holds a MSc Macroeconomics – development economics and macroeconomic modelling

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Merel Meesen

Ginkyo's Treasurer

Merel is program coordinator and marketeer at Starters4Communities. She is trained in non-violent communication and in mediation. She holds a MA in Political Science.


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Tanzanian Partner Lead NGO

NGO from Tanzania focusing on regenerative agriculture, permaculture and beekeeping and beekeeping value chain development, nature and ecosystem restoration, social enterprises and social entrepreneurship development, community capacity building, equipping them with tool to break the cycle of abject poverty

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United Designers

Expert team of eco-designers

This multi-disciplinary team includes: SiteResource evaluators and mappers, GIS modellers, ecosystem experts, regenerative production systems designers, on-site production strategists and holistic land managers. United Designers is a UN partner in the Decade on Restoration program.

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Architecture firm

Dutch firm focusing on regenerative architecture. Researching how architecture can contribute to the regeneration of landscapes and its communities

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Creative Partner

Creative Agency for Changemakers

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Regeneration International

Network partner

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